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What is the difference between Iron Ore and Hematite?

Hematite (also known as Haematite) is the mineral form of Iron. There are many types of Iron Ore under the Earth. Vanessa Australia uses polished Hematite in our jewellery. Polished Hematite will not tarnish or rust.


What is the difference between Jewellery and Jewelry?

Just the spelling. The American spelling is "Jewelry' whilst here in Australia we use the British spelling 'Jewellery'.


Where does Iron Ore come from?

The Pilbara region of Western Australia produces 97% of Australia's Iron Ore.  Australia is the World's largest supplier of raw Iron Ore (more commonly known as Hematite).


How to care for Iron Ore?

We recommend that you apply any perfume or make up before wearing your Iron Ore jewellery. Please do not use chemical jewellery cleaners or detergents.

Iron Ore can shatter if dropped on a hard floor or if knocked against a solid surface.

For more detailed care instructions please refer our care instructions at the base of our home page.


Where does Opal come from?

Opal is Australia’s National Gemstone, with 97% of the world’s Opal mined in Australia. Our Opal is sourced from the extensive opal fields of South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.


What are the commonly considered Metaphysical properties of Opal?

Element - Earth, Water

Crystal Energy - Inner Fire and Intuition

Number Vibration - 8

Opal is considered to be a stone of protection, it inspires love and passion, and eases stress and depression.

Please note that this information is provided based on our web research and we make no judgement or claim in regards to the above.


Is there a Dreamtime origin of Opal?

Different Indigenous cultures have their own stories passed down through the generations in regards the origin of Opals. In one beautiful Aboriginal Dreamtime story it is told that the colours of the Opals were created when the rainbow touched the earth.


What are the different types of Opal?

There are traditionally 3 types of Opal: 

Triplet Opal

Consists of a quartz crystal dome on top, a slice of precious opal in the middle and a dark base.

Doublet Opal

Consists of a slice of precious opal and a dark base.  It is more expensive than triplet opal as it has a greater opal content.

Solid Opal

This is the precious opal in its pure form and is more expensive than both triplet and doublet opals.


How do I care for Opal product?

We recommend that you apply any perfume or make up before wearing your Opal jewellery. Please do not use chemical jewellery cleaners or detergents.

For more detailed care instructions please refer our care instructions at the base of our home page.


How are your Gold glass pendants made?

These delicate pieces are made from hand blown tempered glass. They contain 999.9% pure gold foil suspended in glycerine. They have a 22K gold plated cap, bale and chain and are presented in a stylish gift box.


Do you provide Free International Shipping to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa?

Orders over $100 are shipped free of charge across the Globe (the same as we do for our customers right here across Australia). Smaller orders can also be placed and will incur a nominal delivery fee which will be calculated at checkout. Australia has free trade agreements with a number of Countries. Refer your country's own regulations to check if any import duties will apply. Due to the impact of Covid-19, service delivery times will vary.


Where can I find a Retailer?

Vanessa Australia products can be found at all major tourist destinations; airports; visitor centres; and main souvenir retailers all across Australia.


Are you an Australian company?

Yes, Vanessa Australia was founded in Perth Western Australia back in 1983 as a family business.

With our main manufacturing base still in Perth, our products can now be found all across Australia and in select International markets.


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