Care Instructions


Vanessa Australia's beautiful Australian Made necklaces and bracelets are all hand strung right here in our Osborne Park facility, along with manufacturing of our quality Australian Made pendant and earring sets. 

We use only Gem quality (better than high grade) Opal cabochons and superior quality display chains and settings.

To ensure longevity of your jewellery please ensure you read and adhere to the following care instructions:

- Due to the nature of the metals, tarnishing may occur over time. This is dependent on a number of factors such as the acidity of your skin and the way the jewellery has been looked after. 

- Cleaning cloths are recommended for our jewellery, please take note of what the cleaning cloth you are buying is recommended for as different cloths are used for different kinds of metals.

- Gold/silver cleaning cloths cannot be used with pearls. 

- Due to their nature, all Pearls should be kept out of extreme temperatures.

- Avoid your jewellery coming into any contact with chemicals, including but not limited to cosmetics, perfume, lotions and salt water.

- Remove jewellery prior to any exercising, swimming, sleeping and bathing. Wipe down the pieces and store appropriately in between wears. 

- As chains and stringing material are delicate, tugging can result in breakage or distortion. 

- Iron Ore can shatter if dropped on a hard floor or if knocked against a solid surface.

- Keep items properly protected when transporting and avoid storing items loose or compacted in luggage.

With a little love and care your beautiful item should give you years of wear. Failure to adhere to these care instructions will potentially shorten the life of your purchase, and will void your warranty.